What Did The Cast of T3’s THE WEDDING SINGER Look Like In the 80s?

by Dustin Curry and Kat Edwards

New Coke. Rubix Cubes.  Xanadu.

The 1980s brought us a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. As THE WEDDING SINGER prepares to open this weekend at Theatre Three, we’ve asked the cast and creative team to send us their most 80s-tastic headshots, candids and glam shots from a time when the Walkman was cool and Pac Man was state-of-the-art.


Cameron Cobb (Robbie Hart)


Watch out, Macaulay Culkin.

Nikki Cloer (Holly)


She didn’t learn to smile until the mid 90s.

Lois Leftwich  (Rose/Angie)


Her hair was so frizzy that she actually kept copies of this headshot in her curls.

Gregory Lush (Sammy)


Look at the wood paneling. LOOK AT IT.

Kelly McCain (Choreographer)

14359631_1090697710999460_508743788_o     1601203_714506898582561_1818074196_n

She hasn’t aged a day! Seriously. There isn’t a joke here, we’re just taking a moment to admire her.

Mikey Abrams (Ensemble)


We can’t say that this picture of Mikey was terribly surprising…

Samantha Padilla (Linda)


This commentary is brought to you by those sleeves.

Mark Mullino (Musical Director)

mark       36998_373438049158_7230729_n

This is the most 80s thing we’ve ever seen.

Katie Moyes Williams (Julia)


There’s a surprising deficiency of Aqua Net in this photo. Healthy hair is obviously a priority in this family.

Shannon Walsh (Ensemble)


“This is my Cabbage Patch Kid. Her name is Madonna Newton-John.”

Dominique Brinkley (Ensemble)


She tried to tell us this photo was actually from the 90s, but that couch told us otherwise.

Jacob Lewis (Glen)

1646274 003       

He still wears this outfit under his street clothes like it’s his Spidey suit.

Alex Heika (George)


He’s been in a hat since the 1980s.

Quintin Jones (Ensemble)


Traded in his boombox for a name badge. Sellout.

Tyler Jeffrey Adams (Ensemble)


Tyler accidentally used lead-based face paint, which is why—to this day—he still gives you the crazy eye when he hears the opening chords of “Space Oddity.”

Mark Quach (Ensemble)


“Who knows? Maybe they’ll bring Crystal Pepsi back in 30 years.”

Taylor Nash (Ensemble)


We actually think she was even younger than this in the 80s.