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Using Theatre Three’s study guides, it is our desire that you as teachers will help students understand the importance of theatre and its integration with every area of life, from academic to personal. Our goal is to assist you in this process by providing you with study materials and informative and interactive educational talk back sessions.

Student Rush Policy

One hour before any performance, students may purchase $10 tickets for themselves and one guest by showing a valid student I.D. at the box office. These tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and it is recommended that students should call the box office at 214-871-3300 before coming to the theater to check on ticket availability.

TEKS & CEDFA Objectives

Download printable version here (PDF)

Our study guides are designed to meet the objectives of both the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts (CEDFA) in English, History/Social Studies and Theatre/Fine Arts. By using these guidelines, students will:


  • Be exposed to world literature.
  • Interpret the possible influences of the historical context on a work.
  • Write critically about live theatrical performances using effective word choice, structure and sentence forms with emphasis on organizing local arguments with clearly related definitions, theses and evidence; write persuasively and to report and inform.
  • Compare written reviews about performances with his/her own and others’ experiences.
  • Recognize thematic elements and analyze the relevance of the setting and time frame, characters, point of view and identify basic conflicts, analyze plot development and understand dramatic forms and terms.
  • Listen and respond appropriately to the performances.
  • Evaluate artistic performances.
  • Compare and contrast aspects of texts both within and across texts.
  • Connect literature to his historical contexts, current events and his/her own experiences.
  • Please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) site for a complete look at the English Language Arts TEKS by grade level.


  • Describe how the characteristics and issues of various events in history have been reflected in works of art, music and literature.
  • Identify examples of cultural movemnets in art, music and literature.
  • Identify examples of art, music and literature that transcend cultures and convey universal themes.
  • Identify elements in contemporary situations that parallel historical situations.
  • Descibe variables in contemporary situations that could result in different outcomes.
  • Understand the relationship between the arts and the times during which they were created.
  • Please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) site for a complete look at the History/Social Studies TEKS by grade level.


  • Recognize the interdependence of theatrical elements and how all aspects of a production incorporate into a unified whole.
  • Explore theatre from a variety of historical periods and cultures and recognize how society impacts theatre and theatre impacts society.
  • Reflect on and make judgments about the effectiveness of production choices.
  • Analyze the text and sub-text in a script.
  • Use live performances from diverse periods in different genres to identify theatrical conventions, compare and contrast treatments and analyze the effectiveness of each in the designated time period.
  • Demonstrate the effects of circumstances and relationships of characters to other characters and to their environment.
  • Recognize the range of possibilities within a given medium to communicate intent to an audience.
  • Interpret the intent of the playwright, recognize how that intent is being communicated to the audience and understand the director’s specifications.
  • Use historical and cultural information, such as time period, genre, cultural and sociological implications, theatrical conventions and characterizations, to inform productions.
  • Discover that theatre serves as an enduring historical and cultural record, preserving progression of thought and emotion of people through the centuries.
  • Examine an idea from multiple, diverse viewpoints.
  • Please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) site for a complete look at the Theatre/Fine Arts TEKS by grade level.