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Theatre Three is teaming with National Michael Chekhov Association (NMCA) to provide performance training to adult actors, both professional and novice, who are seeking to learn more about the art and science of acting.  It is in Theatre Three’s mission statement to provide a nurturing environment for artists to learn and grow, so we invite you to join us in this endeavor!  It’s going to be fun!


“If you wonder whether you have ‘it,’ Michael Chekhov technique will reveal the truth,” says Lisa Dalton, President of the National Michael Chekhov Association. “The NMCA way of teaching is the most highly developed Michael Chekhov approach, worldwide.”


These classes will explore the acting technique developed and taught by master acting teacher and actor Michael Chekhov, and will be taught by highly respected actor and NMCA certified teacher, Gail Cronauer. The class is an exploration of a series of tools that can be learned and used to create transformative, inspired performances.


“Michael Chekhov’s work and technique is a gift to the performing artist — or anyone interested in peak performance,” says Cronauer. “It gives the actor real tools, fosters a healthy aesthetic, unlocks the imagination, enlivens the body and voice and fosters ease, confidence and courage.”


Gail Cronauer is one of the most respected actresses and acting teachers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. She is currently on the faculty of Collin College in Plano, Texas, having taught previously on the faculties of Southern Methodist University, Webster College, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Illinois State University.


What's Unique About Michael Chekhov's Approach?

While Michael Chekhov was the first to acknowledge his enormous debt to Stanislavski, the following story illustrates the difference in emphasis of the two approaches: As a student, Chekhov was asked to enact a true dramatic situation as an exercise in Affective Memory. He recreated – extremely effectively – his father’s funeral. Stanislavski only later discovered that Chekhov’s father was still alive and consequently commented on his pupil’s ‘overheated imagination.’ This Faculty of Imagination was to become the key to his whole approach to acting in the course of his professional career. Movement, Atmosphere, Concentration and intense Ensemble work became additional tools for the building of a role and the birth of a production. The vitality of Chekhov’s approach can enthuse and inspire in a dynamic way, enabling actors to open new doors to the creative individuality within.

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Prior to coming to class, it is suggested that students read
ON THE TECHNIQUE OF ACTING by Michael Chekhov with a forward by Mala Powers

Prior to coming to class, students will select a monologue from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. (Just pick one you like, you’ll know it when you see it!)
It is widely available. Click here to find it online.

Students are invited to memorize all, or a good portion (maybe a minute or two), of this monologue prior to coming to class.  Don’t worry about acting it, just memorize it. If you’re new, and this is scary to you, we invite you to just memorize 3 lines or so.  The important thing is to not freak out about this request. Please bring a few copies of your monologue, you might want to write all over it.

Learn more about Spoon River Anthology here.

Please wear very comfortable clothes to class that allow you the full expression of your body’s movement. Please bring your own bottled water (other drinks are not permitted inside the theatre space). No food is allowed in the theatre. (If your constitution requires food during your 2 hour class, we prefer you eat in the green room or the lobby.) Wear comfortable shoes.  Flip-flops are not recommended. Soft shoes, sneakers, dance shoes or other types of athletic shoes are good choices.



Classes are on Saturday from 10 AM to Noon.
Class dates are set for: November 4-December 16, with no class on November 25th.



OR Call us at (214) 871-3300



Regular Enrollment Fee: $180.00
Payment due upon enrollment.